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Blog Reflection: ReCyCLiNg!!!!

on April 9, 2013


On April 1, 2013 we had the opportunity to listen to a presentation by Nancy Drumheller about recycling. She is the Public Information Coordinator. I was interested in listening to her presentation since I usually recycle.  I also took the Environmental Pollution course so I had some idea about what can and cannot be recycled in the Greater Richmond area.  Mrs. Drumheller engaged all of us during her presentation and presented some facts I already knew, for example the different classes of plastic. I was surprised to find out that each person creates 4.43 pounds of garbage every day. I had to think long and hard about what I used over the past few days. I could not believe that every day I threw away 4.43 pounds of cash. The most interesting part of the presentation was learning about what a landfill was, how it operates and what happened when it reached its capacity. I liked that the CVWMA took initiative in getting people more interested in recycling.  I thought that if more people knew the benefits of recycling then more people would not feel that it is a chore.  Many individuals in the 18-25 age bracket  feel that recycling is a chore. Also not everyone knows what you can and cannot recycle. For example the CVWMA does not accept pizza boxes with grease stains on them since they cannot be reused. After learning this fact, I now throw away my pizza box in the regular trash. Another reason why those who are 18-25 may not recycle could be because they would have to drop-off their trash instead of having curbside service due to where they live (BioCycle,1996).

An incentive program may be a great solution to encourage people to participate. However, this would not be enough. We watched an informative video on the types of recycling programs offered by CVWMA. They are curbside recycling, drop-off service, and electronics recycling. It looked so simple and easy and I wondered why more people don’t take more advantage of this? One suggestion could be to make a commercial that shows shock value. When people see the dangers of not recycling and the impact it could have on us and our environment on the long run, then maybe this would encourage people to recycle more.

If we had time in our schedule, we could have a class trip to the landfill to see how it operates.  I’ve always been a little curious to know how out trash gets recycled and what new products they could be made into.

Coca Cola Recycling<—I love Coca Cola so I thought watching a video on what happens to all the cans I drink was insightful.

R.S. Filling the gaps with dropoff recycling. Biocycle [serial online]. September 1996;37(9):36. Available from: Academic Search Complete, Ipswich, MA. Accessed April 9, 2013.





4 responses to “Blog Reflection: ReCyCLiNg!!!!

  1. entomily says:

    Your mention of pizza boxes reminds me of almond milk boxes (which are packaged like juice boxes) and some coffee cafe disposable cups which all have that plastic lining. Finding out that the lining itself is why my roommate and I now have to put those items in the garbage was disheartening, but leads to me to wonder those refillable tumblers that you can get at coffee places and reuse or Homestead Creamery milk jugs that are refillable. Might it be possible to apply the same idea to food sales? Thanks for getting my gears turning!

  2. evancoelm1 says:

    I would also like to take the Environmental Pollution course that you mentioned that you took. I agree that not all people know what can or can not be recycled…for instance pizza boxes. That’s the type of garbage that a lot of college-aged students would have, and they probably figure that if they can’t recycle something like a pizza box (which is cardboard, so you would think you could recycle it), the whole process of figuring out what you can recycle is too complicated to worry about learning. I think this age group needs to have their hands held to recycle, otherwise, they just blow it off because they don’t see life as long-term yet.

  3. mariahdavis says:

    Great idea about the commercial. I don’t see why recycling couldn’t be some sort of PSA announcement. It fits the criteria due to the global impact our waste is producing. I also like that Nancy included what products aren’t good to recycle. We as reducers still have some learning to do as well, but it’s good that we are able to spread the word and be an example for others.

  4. Being a coke-lover myself, I loved the coke video. Have you ever been to the world of coke in Atlanta? They use a lot of materials that can be recycled and I feel like they do a decent job of trying to get people to recycle, at least for a huge company.

    What would you put int the recycling PSA? Do you think the nutsey commercial would work?


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