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Blog Reflection: Future Healthcare Provider

on March 26, 2013

So far I have learned a lot about myself while attending the CAP course. When I first came in I was apprehensive about what I had to learn and the fact that I would be giving presentations throughout the course. I approached the course with a positive attitude and was put at ease by the few instructors that we have. I know that with my goal of working in the healthcare field that I would constantly be talking to a room of my peers and/or patients. My goal is to become a physician. I’ve known I wanted to become one since I was four years old. I love science and I love problem solving but I detested public speaking. This class has helped me to approach speaking in public not as a burden but as an interesting exercise. Our instructors gave us students tools on how to make an interesting and interactive presentation. When I had to give a mock presentation to my class, I was given critical feedback on how to make my presentation better. I have learned that the best way to make sure I know a topic is to be able to teach it to someone else who has no clue as to what you are speaking of. I learned that I am good at articulating my point. By relaxing more, I am able to let my personality shine through and in turn this makes others more comfortable around me and listen to what I have to say. I’ve also learned not to talk at someone but to relate something to them so that they have a better understanding of what I am speaking of.

Over the next few months I will be preparing to take the MCATs, finish up my medical school applications, and going on interviews. The interview process is very important because this is where admissions officers get to know who I am as a person and not just what I put on paper. With what I have learned in this class, I feel more confident with marketing myself and showing the admissions officer that I belong at their school.

After graduating medical school I want to be a family doctor. I would like to implement a healthy living program for families in my hometown that would be simple and fun to follow. Learning about the carbon cycle and the simple steps we can take to decrease our carbon output, I would like to teach others that they do not have to give up their material possessions but that they can use it in more energy efficient ways. I believe that it is important for children to learn at an early age how they can not only live a healthy life but help to maintain their environment. Once it is instilled in them, then it would be second nature to them.


I found an article by Demark and Becker called “The doctor-patient relationshipand counseling for preventative care” that spoke on the emphasis of having a good rapport between a doctor an patient. This article encourages doctors to be able to provide better counseling on a disease a patient has and to find ways to help the patient cope and live a healthier lifestyle. I believe it is very important for a doctor to be able to relate to their patients. You do not necessarily need to have a similiar background but at least show that you do care no matter how outlandish the situation is. I hope to demonstrate this when I finally become a physician.

Here is a link to the article: The doctor-patient relationship and counseling for preventive care





5 responses to “Blog Reflection: Future Healthcare Provider

  1. entomily says:

    Ann, you articulate information in a nice, digestible manner. And as made further evident by your comics, you have an excellent sense of humor that will come in handy as a student and a physician. Have you given thought to pursuits that will allow you present information during public forums or workshops for small towns that face poor health counseling?

  2. evancoelm1 says:

    Good luck with the medical school interviews! I think that the skills that you have gained in this course will help a lot, especially with being able to articulate your points carefully and thoughtfully.

  3. mariahdavis says:

    You made a very good point. You said you learned not to talk at someone but to relate something to them so that they have a better understanding of what your are speaking of! I think most professors have trouble with this. I think it’s a great idea that you want to educate people from your hometown about the carbon cycle and then tie that in with your profession. You are going to be a great advocate in the health community!

  4. I love how your related the carbon cycle to talking to your patients. Now that you mentioned it, living a healthy life style can help reduce carbon emissions….riding your bike=exercise and no carbon emissions, growing your own vegitables=eatting healthy and reducing pesticides and food transport. Good point!!

    Also-I know that this course will look got to interviewers. You improved your public speaking skills, and did research outside of the medical field. You also engaged in reflective practice (blogging) that many applicants won’t have. I think through this course you will have good patient rapport because you have learned out to break down a concept (a complicated disease) and explain it to someone who has no background. You could tell your patient a story (like in our last blog) to help them understand.
    I’m glad that even though your career goals are not to be in carbon research, that you are learning a lot from this course.

  5. Good luck with all your med school preparations. Let us know if we can help!


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