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CAP Beginnings

on January 22, 2013

Hello Everyone& Welcome to my new blog!

I have recently joined a course called Carbon Capstone. This course is about learning more about what carbon is and how it affects our environment. I’ve never had to blog for a class before so this is a new and interesting experience for me. I’ve learned about carbon before since I am majoring in Biology. I’ve learned the basics about it. I would like to learn more about why we need it so much and if there is a way we can preserve it. I’m most nervous about teaching a highschool students about it. Why? Speaking in public has always made me a little nervous but I’m sure with a lot of practice it will be more natural for me.


One response to “CAP Beginnings

  1. We need less of it in certain places, and more of it in other places, remember matter can’t be created or destroyed! We are glad you are eager to learn and hopefully we can provide you all the tools to gain the knowledge you seek. And we will certainly help you along the way with presentations.


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